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Manage bookings from the booking grid

Manage your personal space bookings and check-in from the booking grid on the web app.

From the left menu, navigate to Personal spaces and click Booking Grid to open the booking grid for personal spaces.

web ps book grid 01a.png
The booking grid for personal spaces

The booking grid shows personal spaces in a calendar format and the status of each personal space is displayed under its name on the left of the grid. Booked personal spaces are blocked out on the grid and cannot be selected. Depending on the group settings, a booked space may display the occupant’s name.

The number of days visible on the grid depends on your organization’s configuration.

  • Filters (A): The grid initially shows personal spaces belonging to your default location and group. Use the drop-down lists at the top to select an alternative Location, Floor, and GroupIf your organization has applied ‘Restricted’ groups you may not be able to change these options.
  • Workspace type (B): Use the drop-down to choose a specific workspace type to show on the grid.
  • View (C): Switch the grid between horizontal and vertical views.
  • About the personal space (D): The availability status of the personal space is displayed under its name. Click a personal space to learn more about a workspace and view available attributes. You can also view the cleaning audit (if available).

    Click a personal space on the grid to view details and cleaning audit (if available)

  • Color coding (E): Colors on the grid indicate who the space was booked by (yourself or someone else) and who it was booked for (yourself, a colleague, or a visitor). The following color coding is displayed for users (different color coding applies for admins are viewing the grid):
    • ---- Pink – a personal space booked by yourself, for yourself.
    • ---- Blue – a personal space booked by someone else for you OR a personal space booked by you for an internal colleague.
    • ---- Purple – a personal space booked by you for an external visitor.
    • ---- Gray – a personal space booked by someone else for an internal colleague or external visitor OR a personal space reserved for a team day (in this case, the team day title is displayed in the tile). Learn more about the Condeco mobile app's team day feature

Administrators see different color coding on the personal spaces grid.

Check-in from the Booking grid

web ps grid check in.png
Click the tick to check in from the booking grid

When the check-in period has started, a tick appears in the booking on the booking grid. Click the tick to check in to the booking.

Tick not displayed? Checking in from the booking grid is not possible if self-certification is enabled for a location.