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Team assignment

Use Team Assignment to divide departments into two teams and separate booking schedules across odd and even week numbers.

The teams are created by default so you only need to assign users to the teams. Team A (Even weeks) can only book personal spaces on weeks that fall on an even number and Team B (Odd weeks) can only book personal spaces on weeks that fall on an odd number. The ISO week date system is used to define week numbers.

Assign multiple users to a team or move multiple users between teams

Groups are used to assign multiple users to teams. You can select users who have the selected group saved as default in their profile.

  1. Navigate to User Management.
  2. Click the Team assignment tab.
  3. Select the CountryLocation, and Group you are configuring the teams for.
  4. Click Select Team drop-down and choose the team to display and edit. Alternatively, click All to display all users or Unassigned to display users who do not belong to a team.
    admin team 01.png

The users who have the selected group saved as their default for personal spaces in their profile can be assigned.

  1. Choose whether to show deactivated users by toggling the Show deactivated users switch. Use the Filter to quickly find specific users.

By default, only 10 results are listed per page. Click the links at the bottom to display more results per page or to navigate through the pages.

  1. Tick the box to the left of the Name column heading to select all listed users or tick the individual users to select.
    admin team 02.png
  1. When at least one user has been selected, assignment control buttons are displayed above the list. The buttons displayed depend on the selection in the Team drop-down. Use the buttons to assign users to teams or move users from one team to another.

Assign or change an individual user’s team

As well as using groups to assign users to teams, you can assign teams in User Management for individual users.

  1. Navigate to User Management and enter the user’s name in the Find a user search box. Click the name to open the user’s profile.
  2. Click the In-office schedule tab and select the team from the Team drop-down list.
    admin team 03.png


What happens to any existing bookings when a user is assigned to a team?

Any bookings for the user that do not comply with the team are canceled. For example, if a user is assigned to Team A (cannot book spaces in odd weeks) any bookings in the future that fall on odd weeks are canceled.

Does the user retain their team assignment if the default group is changed in the user’s profile?

Yes, when a user is assigned to Team A or Team B the same team assignment will still apply regardless of which group is saved as default in their profile.

What if the user has a different default group for meeting spaces and personal spaces?

Team Assignment works with the default group for personal spaces only.

How does a user see which team they are assigned to?

The team the user is assigned to is displayed on the In-office schedule tab in their user profile and the calendar is color-coded to show when and where the user can work.