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Application setup

Configure the booking rules and preferences for your meeting space group on the application setup form.

How to set group preferences on the application setup form for meeting spaces

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Groups.
  2. Select the Country and Group.
  3. For the Resource Type select Meeting spaces.
  4. From the Select an action drop-down list select Application Setup.

Set the booking rules and preferences for the group:

Booking options

Business hours: Set the start and end times that bookings are controlled by Condeco. Not recommended for bookings synchronized with Microsoft Exchange as Condeco will reject bookings outside of these hours if set.

Default booking period: Set the booking period to increments of 5, 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.

Advanced booking period: How far in advance a space can be booked or requested. If you do not wish to restrict advance bookings, select Unrestricted from the second drop-down list.

Notice required (managed): Set the advance notice required to request a managed space.

Single-day booking only: If enabled, bookings cannot span across multiple days.

Delete Limit: How many minutes/hours before the start time the booking can be deleted. After this time period, if a ‘No Show’ is activated, the booking is deleted and recorded as a ‘No Show’. An administrator can delete the booking and choose to mark it as a ‘No Show’, or simply delete the booking.

No show (user override): Enables admins to delete a booking and register it as a ‘No Show’.

No Show: If enabled, bookings that are not started on either the meeting room screen or booking grid are marked as a ‘No Show’.

Pending on move: When a managed booking is moved on the booking grid, it remains in a pending status.

Pending on copy: When a managed booking is copied on the booking grid it remains in pending status.

Requires online payment: Enables the payment feature. Please consult Condeco if you would like to enable this feature.

Quick book: Enables quick booking of rooms from the booking grid. Learn more about the quick book tool on the booking grid and the limitations that may conflict with your organization's business rules.

Meeting space Status Progression and Meeting Progression

Meeting space Status Progression

By default, the meeting space status changes automatically. For example:

  • When the setup time begins, the status changes to Setup (yellow).
  • When the meeting starts, the status is In progress (red).
  • When the meeting ends and moves into the clean-down time, the status changes to Awaiting Cleaning (yellow).
  • When the clean-down time ends, the status moves to Clean (green). (If there is no clean-down time, the status moves to Clean when the meeting ends).


Select either:

  • Automatically progress meeting space status: Change statuses automatically as described above. This is the default setting.
  • Manually progress meeting space status: Enables admins to manually change the status of a meeting space on a booking grid, for example when the client services team make checks to ensure a space has been left in a clean state.

You can only edit the status progression if Activate meeting space level status display is enabled on the Meeting space tab in Global Settings. When enabled, the status is displayed on the Booking Grid and Advanced Booking Grid. By default the setting is disabled.

Meeting Progression

If not enabled, no meeting progression takes place and no start/end data is logged in the database. When enabled, select either:

  • Automatically start meetings: Meetings start automatically at the start time.
  • Manually start meetings: Meetings must be started by the user. Optionally you can:
    • Set the Bump no shows after … slots to the number of time slots that can pass before the space is bumped.
    • Tick Automatically close meetings to automatically close meetings at the end of the booking.

If Condeco meeting room screens are installed, any settings to automatically or manually start meetings, are overwritten by the rules set for the screen profile in the Device hub.

Advance Booking Rules

Create or change reservation before days and Create or change reservation before time settings control when a user can make a booking for a meeting space in a group.

For example, if Create or change before days = 1 and Create or change reservation before time = 12 pm, a user can book a space for any time tomorrow, until 12 pm today. After 12 pm today, the earliest booking time is the day after tomorrow.

Cancel before working days and Cancel before time control when a user can cancel a booking.

For example, if Cancel before working days = 1 and Cancel before time = 12 pm, the user can cancel any of their bookings for tomorrow or later, until 12 pm today. After 12 pm, only bookings made for the day after tomorrow and later can be canceled.

Advance Booking Rules for Catering

Max no. working days ordering ahead controls how far in advance catering can be added to a booking.

For example, if Max no. working days ordering ahead = 10, then as of 28/02/2020 catering can be added to bookings with a start date sooner than 16/03/2020 (10 working days).

Create or change before days and Create or change before time controls when catering can be ordered either at the group or item level.

For example, if Create or change before days = 1 and Create or change before time = 12 pm, catering can be added to a booking from any time tomorrow until 12 pm today. After 12 pm today, the earliest catering can be added is the day after tomorrow.

You can only edit Advance Booking Rules and Catering if Advanced Group Booking Rules is enabled on the Meeting space tab in Global Settings.

Auto Approve (Managed Bookings)

Tick Auto approve then select the services. Bookings in managed spaces that do not include the selected services are automatically approved.

Booking Grid Display Options


  • Grid refresh rate: Adjusts the refresh frequency of the booking grid on the server.
  • Column width: Adjusts the width of the booking grid cells.
  • Row height: Adjusts the height of rows of the booking grid cells.
  • Default capacity on grid: Display the maximum occupancy next to the space name on the booking grid.
  • Display Attendees on grid: Display attendee names in the booking grid.
  • Display Attendees in popup: Display attendee names in the booking grid (Microsoft Outlook add-in required).

After making any changes, click Save.

Changes to the Application Setup during peak hours may impact performance. We recommend saving changes outside of business hours. Changes may take up to 24-hours to become active.