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Condeco app for Microsoft Teams

What is the Condeco app for Microsoft Teams?

Add the Condeco Teams app to your Microsoft Teams and interact with the Condeco bot to find and book spaces directly from your Teams chats, channels, and meetings. You can also use the Condeco bot to choose and share your in-office schedule with your colleagues, and you can view a weekly overview of your colleagues’ schedules from the Condeco Teams app

Use the Condeco bot wherever you use Microsoft Teams – from your mobile device, a desktop computer, or a web browser, for example.

    Find and book a meeting space from Microsoft Teams using the Condeco bot

    Share your in-office schedule and see an overview of your colleagues' schedules

What you need

The Condeco app for Microsoft Teams is available with the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration. Customers not using the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration can use the in-office schedule functionality of the Condeco app for Microsoft Teams, however, it is not possible to book workspaces with this version.

  • Condeco Microsoft 365 integration for full functionality OR a deployed manifest file (for in-office schedule functionality only).
  • Condeco Evergreen release plan.
  • Access to user calendars via Microsoft Graph.
  • Microsoft Teams subscription.
  • Users must have an active Condeco user account.

Language support for Condeco products and features

To ensure the Condeco Teams app has the necessary privileges to access chat and channel participants using Microsoft Graph API, the app must be approved or deployed from the Microsoft Teams Admin Center by an administrator. Admins can centrally deploy the Condeco Teams app, see Condeco app for Microsoft Teams – central deployment

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