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Attributes for personal spaces

About attribute sections

Group attributes for personal spaces into ‘sections’ and make each section either multi-select or single-select. Add the attributes to your workspace types and when creating individual personal space resources, select from the multi-select or single-select sections, depending on what is available with the personal space.

For exampleA workspace type of ‘Desks’ might include different docking station models but only one model is available with each individual personal space, so these are added to a single-select section called ‘Docking stations’. That same individual personal space might provide both a height-adjustable desk and a high stool, so these are added to a multi-select section called ‘Desk options’.

When you create a personal space resource and set the workspace type as ‘Desks’, the ‘Docking stations’ and ‘Desk options’ sections are displayed, allowing you to select precisely the attributes the personal space resource offers.

Example of Sections and Attributes as displayed when creating a desk resource

How to create attributes for personal spaces

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Meta admin.
  2. Select the Personal space attributes section from the drop-down list.
    app setup attrib 00.png

Create the sections first: Attributes for personal spaces are added to Sections so create the Sections first.

  1. Click the Sections tab and click Add section or click Edit to amend an existing section.
    app setup attrib 02.png
  1. Enter a name for the Section and choose either Allows multi-select or Single select only.
    app setup attrib 03.png

Allows multi-select: Select to enable more than one attribute in a section to be set for an individual personal space resource, for example, a desk may include both a height-adjustable desk and a high stool.

Single select only: Select to ensure only one attribute in the section can be set for a personal space resource, for example, only one type of docking station or one size of monitor may be provided on a desk.

When editing sections, it is only possible to switch between multi-select and single-select if there are no attributes already assigned to the section.

  1. Click Save and continue adding Sections as needed.
  1. When your Sections are created, click the Attributes tab.
  1. Click Add attribute to start creating attributes.
  1. Enter a name for the attribute and select the appropriate section from the Select section drop-down list. Click Save and continue adding Attributes as needed.
    app setup attrib 04.png

Next step

Attributes must be added to the relevant workspace type before they can be selected as an available option for a meeting space. Learn about workspace types for personal spaces