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Create or delete a user

Creating a new user creates a local account in the application, we call these ‘Forms’ accounts. Forms accounts can be used to provide temporary access outside of your Active Directory authentication, or if you are only using Forms accounts, you can create a new user outside of the self-registration process.

SSOIf you are using SSO (Single Sign-On), you do not need to create users manually. Depending on your setup, you can either import the users from your Active Directory using the HR Feed, or the user can self-register when they are authenticated from the login page.

Create a new user

  1. Navigate to User management.
  2. Click the Create user button at the top-right of the User Management page.
    web um 17.png
  3. Complete the fields as required for the new user. Click the tabs to see more options. Click Save when done. Learn more about the user profile settings

    web um 18.png
    User management - create a new user

Delete a user

Deleting a user cannot be undone! If you are unsure, we recommend deactivating a user instead.

To delete a user, open the user’s profile and click the Delete user button. When deleting a user you must decide whether to transfer their bookings to another user or delete all their future bookings. Although the user is immediately deleted, the booking transfer or booking deletion may take up to 24 hours to complete. Learn more about transferring and deleting bookings

Deleted users cannot log in to Condeco and they will not appear in any user searches or any user reports.


Customers who need to comply with a GDPR request can raise a service ticket with Condeco to have the user completely removed from the application and database. This will remove or obfuscate any PII information, including any past bookings and the user will not be visible in any reports.