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Booking page for meeting spaces

Use Book a meeting space to perform an advanced search for a meeting space. You can create recurring bookings or find a space with a specific attribute such as a television or whiteboard etc.

    Book a meeting space

How to book a meeting space using the advanced search tool

Navigate to Book a meeting from the Meeting spaces module menu on the left.

web ms book 01.png

  1. Select the Location and Floor to search or select All to search all locations. The location set in your user profile is displayed by default.

To select multiple locations and/or floors hold the CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) key down whilst clicking other options.

  1. Workspace type: Select the type of meeting space you wish to find. Select Any to search all workspace types or when you want to request a specific meeting space (see next step).
  1. Workspace name: If you know the name of the meeting space you wish to book, enter it here. Note, if you selected a workspace type above, it must match the workspace type of the meeting space entered here.
  1. From / To: Click the date fields to display the calendar and choose the time slot for your booking.
  1. Repeat: To schedule a booking to repeat on a regular or irregular basis, select Every Day, Every Week, Every Month, or ADVANCED.
  • If Every day, week, or month is selected, the Until calendar box is displayed. Select the last date for the recurring meeting.
  • To apply a more complex recurrence pattern, for example, every other day or specific days in an irregular pattern, select ADVANCED to open the Advanced Recurrences page. Learn more about recurring bookings
  1. Setup: Choose a particular seating style or space configuration.
  2. Number attending: Enter the number of attendees. You may need to add their contact details to the booking form.

  1. Attributes: Tick the services required for the meeting. The items listed depend on your organization’s configuration.
  1. Click Search to find a meeting space matching the selected criteria.

Search results

web ms book 02.png
    Search results following an advanced search for a meeting space

  • Meeting spaces (A): Click the name of the meeting space to show more details about the space in a popup window. View an overview of the space and an image of the meeting space and its location highlighted on a floor plan (if available), click the images to open full-size in your browser. Note that floor plans for meeting spaces are not interactive. Browse the tabs to find out more about the meeting space and the provided services.

    Browse the tabs to view information about a meeting space

  • Setup (C): The setup style for the space is displayed. The number in brackets indicates the maximum occupancy for the seating style. Click the drop-down to select an alternative seating plan for the space (if available). Note that changing the setup selection may add setup and clean-down times to the booking (the amount of time required before and after a booking for the service team to reconfigure the space).
  • Location (D): Where the meeting space is located.
  • Attributes (E): Attributes available with the meeting space are indicated with a tick. Hover your cursor over the acronyms to see the attribute names. Learn more about attributes

  • Exclusions (F): If the booking has recurrences and a meeting space is unavailable for all recurrences in the series, the number of exclusions is indicated on the search results page.

  • Request or Book button (G): Self-managed spaces display Book and are booked immediately. Managed spaces display Request. Clicking Request sends a request to the administrator who confirms or rejects the booking. When the booking has been accepted or rejected, an email notification is sent to the requester. Learn more about managed and self-managed booking

Booking form

When the required space is selected and booked, the meeting space booking form opens where you can add attendees, request services, add additional rooms, and more. Learn more about the meeting space booking form