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Starting the add-in for the first time

The first time the Condeco Outlook add-in is started you are prompted to configure it. You will also need to configure it if you log out of the add-in and start it again. You need to know your Condeco URL for this step i.e.

A user account with a matching email address must exist in Condeco.

  1. Create a new Appointment or Meeting Invitation in your Microsoft Outlook calendar (or New Event in OWA).
  1. Click Condeco Outlook add-in from the Appointment or Meeting ribbon (or the toolbar/three dots menu in OWA).
  1. Click We have a Condeco subscription.
  1. Enter your Provider URL i.e., and click Send me verification email.

Make sure you enter the Condeco URL of your UAT or test instance, and not the URL of your production environment.

  1. Check your mailbox for the verification email and copy the Access Code.
  1. Paste the Access Code into the Condeco Outlook add-in and tick Allow Condeco to access my calendar.
  1. Click Done.

Congratulations! Your Condeco Outlook add-in is ready for use!

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