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Alternative times

Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 

If a suitable meeting space is not offered when searching for a meeting space, you can quickly check for available meeting spaces available at alternative times.

How to search for an alternative time for a meeting

If none of the available meeting spaces are suitable you can explore spaces available at alternative times for the booking.

  1. Click More times from the top of the search results.
    add-in 0923 10.png
  2. A list of start times close to your original start time is displayed. The number of meeting spaces available at each time slot is also indicated.
    add-in 0923 11.png

    1. Click Show earlier or Show later from the top and bottom of the list to view more times.

    2. To further extend your search, change the date and the duration of the meeting. Click Refresh results after changing the date or duration.
      add-in 05a.png

  3. Click a suggested alternate start time to display the meeting spaces available at that time.
    add-in 05c.png

  1. The new time slot is displayed along with a list of available meeting spaces. Click Book (or Request if approval is required) to update the meeting with the new time slot.
    add-in 06.png