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Generate PIN for RFID card

How to generate a PIN for an RFID card from the meeting room screen.

If your organization requires authentication to carry out actions on the meeting room screens you must register and activate your RFID card before you make your first booking. This only needs to be done once per unique card. You need a PIN to register and activate a card.

Condeco cloud users can generate a PIN from the user profile on the Condeco web app. Learn more: How to view or set your PIN.

How to generate a PIN from the meeting room screen

If you already have a PIN skip this section and go straight to Register RFID card with PIN.

  1. On any Condeco meeting room screen, select an available time slot in the future, then tap Confirm.
  1. Tap Register with your email or swipe your RFID card.
    v3 pin 01.png
  1. Register with email:
    1. Enter your First NameLast Name, and the first part of your email address in the field before the ' @ ' symbol. Tap the Select domain drop-down arrow and select your email domain.
      v3 pin 02.png
    2. Tap Register
      v3 pin 03.png
  1. Check your mailbox for the registration email and click Activate your account. A PIN is generated and sent to you by email.
    reg email 01.png
  1. Check your mailbox for the second email containing the PIN and make a note of it. You will need the PIN to register your card at a meeting room screen.
    reg email 02.png
  1. Now register your RFID card with your PIN. Learn moreHow to register RFID card with PIN