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Book a personal space from the mobile app

Condeco mobile app 

How to book a personal space

Set the search criteria

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Find and book a personal space with specific attributes

  1. To start a new booking for a personal space tap Book (A) at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Your default location is displayed (B). Tap the options to select an alternative location.
  3. If not already selected tap Book a personal space (C) to expand the option.

No personal space booking option? The ‘Book a personal space’ option is only visible if your organization has configured bookable personal spaces in Condeco and you have the relevant access to make bookings.

  1. Book for a colleague: You can book for yourself or a colleague (if enabled by your organization). Tap ‘Book for yourself’ to toggle the option and search for a colleague you want to book the personal space for. Learn moreBook a personal space for someone else
    mob ps book 3b.png
  2. Tap the workspace type (D) you want to book. Available options depend on your organization’s configuration.
  3. If you want your workspace equipped with particular items, such as dual monitors or a docking station, tap Attributes (E) and select your preferred options from the list (F). The preferred attributes saved in your Condeco user profile (in the web app) are automatically selected. Available options depend on your organization’s configuration. Learn moreYour user profile on the web app
  4. Tap Done to return to the booking page then tap Continue.
  5. Your default group and floor (G) are selected. Tap to change the selections if required.
  6. Tap the date(s) on the calendar to book (tap again to deselect). If your organization has restricted the number of bookings you can make, your remaining allowance is displayed at the top of the screen (H).

Booking a space for today? If booking a personal space for the current day in a location that requires self-certification, you must agree to the self-certification statement before continuing. Learn more: Self-certification 

  1. Depending on the group settings, one or both of the following buttons are available: Search and/or Quick book
    1. Quick bookTo book a workspace immediately without performing a search, tap Quick book. Condeco will book a workspace based on your criteria and you can close the app. If a suitable workspace isn't available, Condeco will prompt you to change your search criteria.
    2. Search: Tap Search to select a specific workspace from the floor plan or from a list. Continue following the steps below.  

Selected attributes not found: when searching for a specific space, if attributes were selected and no available workspaces meet the requirements, you are asked if you want to proceed and book one of the personal spaces offered, or go back and change the selected attributes.

Search results

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  1. Available workspaces are displayed as green icons on the floor plan, and a star indicates workspaces equipped with all the attributes you selected. Condeco automatically chooses a workspace, but you can move around the floor plan and tap any available workspace. The selected workspace is blue (J).
  2. Tap List (K) to show available workspaces with the best matches displayed first. If attributes are selected, workspaces meeting the requirements are indicated with a star. The list and the booking card show all the attributes available with a workspace - you may need to click see all (M) if the number of attributes exceeds 2 lines.
  3. Swipe the 'Book' card left and right to scroll through the available spaces. When you’ve made your selection, tap Book. Your booking is displayed on the calendar (L).

Good to know

  • The ‘Book a personal space’ option is only visible if your organization has configured bookable personal spaces in Condeco and you have the relevant access to make bookings.
  • Available workspace types and attributes depend on your organization’s configuration.
  • If multiple dates are selected for the search, only personal spaces accommodating all dates are shown.
  • If attributes are selected and no available workspace meets the requirements, Condeco asks if you want to proceed or go back and change the selected attributes.
  • Booking a personal workspace (such as a desk) automatically changes your status to ‘in the office’ for the date of the booking, however, canceling the booking does not change your status and you will continue to show as ‘in the office’ until you choose a different status.
  • Quick book
    • Some booking groups might display a 'Quick book' button next to the usual 'Search' option. This allows you to quickly book a suitable space without searching.
    • Some booking groups might prevent you from searching for a specific workspace and only allow spaces to be automatically allocated based on your requirements. In this case, only the 'Quick book' button is shown.