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Condeco Microsoft 365 integration preview

Condeco Microsoft 365 integration preview
The Microsoft 365 integration preview allows customers to experience our Microsoft 365 integration and the Condeco Outlook add-in before new features are launched or before applying a General Availability release to production environments.

New features in preview releases may not have completed all testing so preview versions must not be used in a production environment.

What you need

  • Condeco UAT environment. Contact Condeco to find out how to get a UAT environment for your organization.
  • Condeco Outlook add-in Preview manifest file. Provided by Condeco.
  • A test Exchange tenant. Do not use the same Exchange tenant you are using in Production.

The test Exchange tenant must not be the same Exchange tenant you are using for Microsoft 365 integration in your production environment!

As the Microsoft 365 integration preview service is not scaled to a production level, customers should restrict the scope of testing to up to 100 user accounts. Customers may notice the performance of the preview release does not match that of production; this is perfectly normal.

Authorizing the Microsoft 365 integration preview service

Set up the Microsoft 365 integration preview on your UAT environment. Learn how to configure the Microsoft 365 integration

We strongly recommend applying an Application Access Policy to restrict Graph API access to your ‘test’ Exchange accounts only. Learn how to control access to calendars

About the Condeco Outlook add-in manifest file

A manifest file is an XML file used by Microsoft Outlook to communicate with Condeco. It contains the endpoints needed to display the add-in user interface. As the endpoints of the Microsoft 365 integration Preview are different from the production release, you cannot use the Condeco Outlook add-in from the Microsoft Store, instead, install the manifest file provided by Condeco, as a Custom Add-in in Microsoft Outlook.

As endpoints rarely change, the manifest file does not require many updates. If we do need to update the manifest file you will be notified and a new file will be provided. You must first remove the old manifest file before loading the new one.

How to install the manifest file

The Condeco Outlook custom add-in can be installed using Microsoft Outlook for Windows or Mac, or using Outlook Web Access (OWA). Choose the installation guide for your environment:

Providing feedback

We value your feedback! Please use these links to submit your comments and feedback: