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Floor plan

When booking personal spaces from either the Quick Search tools or from the Book a Personal space page, you can locate and select a personal space to book directly from the floor plan. The floor plan displays personal spaces from the selected group. 

floor plan 01 may 2024.png
Floor plan (whole-day bookings)

Hover over personal spaces to display more detail, such as the attributes available with the space.

floor plan hover 01 2024.png


The positions of personal spaces managed by the booking group are displayed on the floor plan and color-coded icons indicate availability. The floor plan indicates the availability status of personal spaces.

floor plan key 03 may 2024.png

  • Spaces available to book are green:
    • Available: Available spaces are green. 
    • Meets all attributes: Spaces available to book that meet all selected attributes are green with a white star.
  • Booked spaces show the initials of the person who has booked the space (unless their status is hidden):
    • Colleague: Initials in a gray circle indicate colleagues who are not members of your team.
    • Team member: Your team members' initials display their assigned color, making them easy to find on the floor plan. (Condeco automatically assigns a color to each colleague from a range of 10 colors, based on the last digit of the UserID).
    • Your booking: Your booked space. Your initials are displayed in white in a dark blue circle.
    • Selected colleague: When you search for a colleague, their booking displays the GPS symbol in a blue circle.
    • Hidden: Spaces booked by colleagues who have hidden their availability display a black 'user' symbol in a light gray circle.
    • Fixed space: Spaces permanently assigned to colleagues who have hidden their availability display a white 'user' symbol in a dark gray circle. Otherwise, initials are displayed as per the Team member/Colleague icons described above.
  • Closed or Awaiting cleaning: Spaces not available to book are gray.

If your organization has configured AM and PM bookings for personal spaces, the icons are divided in half (AM on left / PM on right), and only the initial of the user's first name is displayed on booked spaces. 

floor plan 02 may 2024.png
Floor plan (half-day bookings - AM/PM)

Hover over a space to display more details, such as the user's full name and the attributes available with the space.

floor plan hover 02 2024.png