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Select attributes

Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 

Search results display meeting spaces offering the attributes selected as your favorites. The selected attributes can be changed and the search refreshed to find suitable meeting spaces matching the new requirements.

How to select attributes

  1. If not already open, open your Outlook calendar event and launch the Condeco Outlook add-in. Learn how to start the add-in.

  2. Click Edit at the top-right of the Condeco Outlook add-in.
    add-in 0923 edit.png

  3. Tick or untick Video Conference Unit as required then click Attributes. The number of attributes already selected is indicated.
    add-in 0923 07.png

  4. Tick the attributes required for the meeting space from the list of attributes, then click DoneThe available attributes depend on your organization’s configuration.

    1. If selecting a Teams room from the attributes list, follow the steps in Book a Microsoft Teams meeting
      add-in 07.png

  5. To set the selected attributes as default for future bookings, tick Use these settings as my default. (If actioned, all changes to this page are saved as default and automatically selected the next time you perform a search).
    add-in 0923 09.png

  6. Click Search. The selected attributes are displayed at the top of the page. 
    add-in 0923 05.png