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Register RFID card with PIN

Eptura Room Screen v3 for Condeco - User Guide

Before you start

If you do not have a PIN you must generate one before you can activate the PIN on your RFID card.

  • Condeco cloud users can view or reset a PIN from the user profile on the Condeco web app Learn how

How to register an RFID card with your PIN

To register an RFID card with your PIN, you must create a booking on a room screen to register the card. The booking can be deleted after the process is complete.

  1. Select an available time slot on the meeting room screen to start a booking.
  2. Swipe your card at the center of the screen. A message advising the card is not registered yet is displayed. Tap OK.
    11.2 Card not registered.png
  3. Enter your PIN. 
    11.3 PIN pad, initial state 2.png
  4. If the PIN is valid, your card is now registered and the following confirmation is shown.
    11.4 Card registered.png
  5. If not required, delete the meeting room booking made during this process.