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FAQ - Condeco app for Microsoft Teams

Condeco app for Microsoft Teams 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Condeco Teams app

  1. What type of spaces can I book using the Condeco bot?
    Meeting spaces: You can book meeting spaces using the ‘book’ command. Learn how
    Personal spaces: You can book personal workspaces (such as desks and offices) either through the Schedule command or from the Condeco tab view in a Teams conversation, however, you cannot book personal spaces that are not a place to work such as lockers and parking spaces, etc. Learn how
  2. Can I search in a specific location?
    Meeting spaces: Currently, you can only find and book meeting spaces in the default location set in your Condeco web user profile. Learn more about your profile and settings
    Personal workspaces: Yes, you can find and book a workspace in the location(s) you have shared on your schedule.
  3. Can I choose which group to search in?
    Meeting spaces: Currently, no. When searching for a meeting space, the search results include available meeting spaces from all the groups you have access to.
    Personal workspaces: Yes, when looking for a workspace, you can choose the group you wish to search in. 
  4. Can I include specific attributes in my search?
    No, however, the preferred attributes for personal spaces selected in your user profile are prioritized in the search results. Selecting specific attributes for your search is planned for a future release.
  5. How many available resources are included in the bot’s search results?
    Meeting spaces: Currently, a maximum of 5 available meeting spaces are listed in the results.
    Personal workspaces: Up to 20 available workspaces are listed in the results with workspaces offering the attributes selected in your user profile prioritized at the top. 
  6. When booking a meeting, can I add participants who are not members of the Teams conversation?
    Not when using the Condeco bot but you can add them to the calendar event when you have completed the booking. 
  7. The colleagues I want to invite to my meeting are not all members of the same Teams conversation. Can I still use the Condeco bot to create the booking?
    Yes, chat with the Condeco bot directly from the Condeco chat to find and book your meeting space then add your attendees later using the Condeco Outlook add-in or Condeco on the web. Learn how to chat directly with the Condeco bot 
  8. Can I mark meeting attendees as visitors when using the bot?
    No, currently visitors cannot be added to a booking using the Condeco bot. Use the Condeco Outlook add-in to invite external visitors. Learn more about attendees and visitors and the Condeco Outlook add-in
  9. Are attendees automatically added to the Condeco booking form?
    Only meeting participants marked as attending ‘on-site’ on the Outlook calendar event are automatically added as attendees on the Condeco booking form. Currently, it is not possible to mark attendees as on-site using the Condeco bot. Either add attendees directly to the Condeco booking form or add them to the Outlook calendar event and mark them as on-site from the Condeco Outlook add-in. Learn more about attendees and visitors and the Condeco Outlook add-in
  10. Can we use the Condeco app for Teams without the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration?
    Yes, with limited functionality. Customers not using the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration can use the in-office schedule functionality of Condeco app for Microsoft Teams by deploying a manifest file. Booking functionality is not available without the Microsoft 365 integration.