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FAQ - QR codes

  1. How does a user check-in if they cannot scan the QR code because their mobile device is not working or is unavailable?
    Administrators can check in on behalf of users from the booking grid for personal spaces. When a booking is within the check-in period defined for the group, a tick is displayed on the booking. Click the tick to check the user in (or click the cross to cancel the booking).
    If 'Allow check-in on web when QR enabled' is enabled for your organization, users can check in from Condeco on the web. Learn moreEnable/disable QR codes
  1. Can QR codes be quickly enabled or disabled for an entire location or all resources on a particular floor?
    Absolutely. In Resource Administration, filter resources by location, floor, group, and workspace type, then select all filtered results and click the button to either enable or disable QR codes for the selected resources.
  2. If QR codes are disabled in Global Settings, is checking in using QR code scanning disabled for every resource?
    Yes, QR code scanning is disabled for all locations when disabled in Global Settings. Resources configured for QR code scanning revert to manual check-in using the web or mobile app, or proximity-based check-in if geolocations are set for the location.
  3. How are the QR codes printed and on what media?
    QR codes are printed using 3rd party software, Condeco does not provide a printing function for QR codes. There are many online tools available for this and the QR code can be printed on any media of your choice to be displayed at the resource, it can even be etched in wood!
  4. We already have QR codes in place, can we apply our own QR code values to our resources?
    Yes, you can edit the QR code value in the resource configuration and apply your existing code values. If you would like to customize QR codes in bulk, please contact Condeco Support.
  5. What do we do if a QR code value is accidentally edited or deleted?
    You can regenerate a QR code value for the resource and print a new QR code label to place at the resource.
  6. When geolocations are enabled at a location, does the QR code still need to be scanned to check in?
    At the moment, yes. If QR code scanning is enabled for a resource, other online check-in methods are disabled. We may allow proximity-based check-in to override QR code check-in in the future.
  7. When a QR code is enabled for a resource, can the user check-in in any other way?
    If 'Allow check-in on web when QR enabled' is enabled for your organization, users can check in from Condeco on the web. Learn moreEnable/disable QR codes Otherwise, when QR code scanning is enabled for a resource, all other forms of online check-in are disabled. The check-in function on the web application is disabled and displays a message advising the user to check in from the Condeco mobile app. However, it is still possible to check in from a Condeco desk or meeting room screen, or the Condeco desk booking kiosk.
  8. Can the QR code be scanned with the normal camera app on a device?
    No, the QR code must be scanned using the check-in function on the Condeco mobile app.
  9. What access is required for the mobile device to scan the QR code?
    To scan a QR code, the Condeco mobile app must be installed and be granted access to the device camera. Users are prompted to allow access to the camera when they tap the check-in button. If access is denied, they will not be able to check in to the booking. Access to the camera can be granted ‘always for this device’ or ‘once only’. If ‘once only’ is selected the app will prompt for access each time the user attempts to check-in.
  10. If self-certification is enabled for a location, do users have to self-certify before scanning the QR code to check in?
    Yes, self-certification is still required before checking in, when enabled for a location.
  11. If a Condeco screen is installed for a resource that is also enabled for QR codes, can I check in on the screen?
    Yes, it is still possible to check in via a Condeco desk or meeting room screen when installed for a resource enabled for QR codes. Check-in is also possible from a Condeco desk booking kiosk if installed.
  12. Can users check in early to personal spaces and meeting spaces by scanning the QR code?
    No, the check-in rules set for the group still apply to resources enabled for QR code scanning.
  13. Can a QR code be scanned on behalf of someone else?
    No, only the booking owner can scan the QR code to check in to a booking. If this is not possible for any reason, an administrator can check in on behalf of the user. 
  14. Can you scan a QR code to book a workspace?
    No, QR codes are only used for checking in.