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Meeting space booking form


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Meeting space booking form

About the booking form

The booking form opens when a space has been booked following a search. Alternatively, the booking form can be opened by clicking the edit icon next to the booking on the Your bookings page, or by clicking the booking from either of the booking grids.

The available fields depend on your organization’s configuration.


Before switching tabs, you must enter a title for the meeting and complete the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk ( * )

The top section of the booking form

Untitled Booking: Enter a meeting title (A). This field initially displays 'Untitled Booking'.

Edit: Click Edit (B) to amend the date/time and also create/amend recurrences and click Update Booking to save. If your chosen space is not available in a recurring series, alternative spaces are offered. Includes spaces for both meetings and conferences across multiple locations. 

You must enter a meeting title (A) before you can edit a booking.

Private: Check Private (C) to hide the meeting title from other users on the booking grids and on the Condeco meeting room screens.

Open all sections: Click Open all sections (K) to change how you view the booking form. Toggle between a tabbed view and a one-page view. 

You must enter a meeting title before you can toggle the view.

General tab

Enter details for the booking on the General tab (F). Mandatory fields are indicated by a black asterisk (*) after the field name.

Type: Choose a meeting type from the drop-down list (G) Usually the options are 'internal' and 'external' but they might differ depending on your organization’s setup.

No. attending: Enter the number of attendees (G) You may need to enter their contact details on the Attendees tab (F)

Meeting space: The name of the booked meeting space is shown (H). Click the blue ‘ i ‘ symbol (H) to view details of the space in a popup window.

    Browse the tabs in the information popup window to view information about the meeting space.

The available tabs on the information popup window depend on your organization’s configuration.

Setup: Shows the default seating layout for the space and you can choose a different seating style for the space if required (H). The maximum number of attendees for a seating style is indicated in brackets.

Setup time / clean-down time: Enter the time required for setting up a room prior to a meeting and/or cleaning down after a meeting (J) Setup and clean-down times are usually entered in minutes but the time can also be defined by hours, days, or weeks. Leave blank if not required.

Requestor Name: By default, the name of the user creating the booking is the requestor. To edit, delete the name and start typing the required name until the user appears (L). Click the user to select.

Requestor email and phone: The email and phone fields automatically populate from the Requestor Name. Edit if required (L).

Host Name: If the meeting host is different from the requestor, start entering the name here (L). When the required name appears, click to select. If the host is the same as the requestor, tick Same as requestor(L)

Host email and phone: Email and phone fields are propagated automatically but it is possible to edit both fields (L)

Notes: Enter any notes for the meeting (M). Notes are visible to anyone with access to the meeting. The following characters are not allowed and will be removed <, >, ¬, +, |

Cost centre: Enter the cost center if required.

Attendees tab

Click the Attendees tab (F) to enter the attendee details for the meeting. The number of rows displayed matches the number of attendees set on the General tab. To add more rows, click Add another attendee.

    Attendees tab

Type: Click the drop-down list to set the if the attendee is Internal or a visitor from outside your organization (External).

External visitors: Select External for visitors who are from outside your organization. When you have typed the last name of the attendee a popup will invite you to add the attendee as a new contact (Create new entry.) When saved, the contact will appear when you start to type their name in future bookings.

Internal attendees: Use Internal for attendees inside your organization. Start typing their name into the First and/or Last name field to select a name from your organization’s directory.

Email on arrival: If checked the Requestor/Host is sent an email when the visitor has arrived. 

Directions email: Send an email with directions to the attendee.

Visitor notes: Click Notes to add information about the visitor for the reception staff.

Food Services / Equipment / AV / Supplies tabs

The remaining tab(s) on the booking form depend on your organization’s configuration and the options available for the meeting space. The layout and process for each tab are the same. The example we are using in this guide is the Food Services tab.

Click the Food Services (or Equipment / AV / Services) tab to select services for the meeting.    

    Food services tab

Name: Click to select an individual item. Click the ‘ i ‘ to view more information about the item, such as the notification time required, cost per unit, and a minimum or maximum number that can be ordered.

Qty: Enter the quantity required. The number of attendees is entered by default.

Date / From / To: Select the times you would like the item delivered to the meeting space and then collected. By default, these are the start and end times of the booking.

Cost / Total: If the item is chargeable, the per item and total costs are displayed.

Note: Click the pencil icon to leave a note for the service provider.

Workspaces and Connections (conferencing)

On the Workspaces and Connections (D) tab, you can book multiple meeting spaces from different locations for your meeting. 

    Workspaces (M) page of the Workspaces and connections tab (D)

The existing meeting space is listed first and cannot be edited. You must return to the booking form if you wish to change this selection.

Add additional meeting spaces to a booking

Click Add a meeting space (R) to add a new row and click Type (O) to set the meeting space as VC enabled or Standard. Select the required Location and Group and add the number of attendees (P) for this location. Press Enter on the keyboard (or wait a few moments for the Workspace drop-down to appear) and select a meeting space (Q).

External meeting spaces

If enabled, the External meeting spaces option (S) allows an approved external video endpoint to be added to the booking. These meeting spaces are made available by your local video administrator.

Adding an external meeting space does not create a confirmed booking, it only notifies the vendor.

Connections and Services

From the Connections and Service section (N) of the Workspaces and Connections tab (D) you can request extra services. The number of extra services selected is indicated at the top of the booking form (T).

Options depend on your organization's configuration.

    Connections and Services (N) page of the Workspaces and Connections tab (D)

Multiple meeting spaces booked

When a booking spans multiple meeting spaces, each space is displayed on its own tab. Click a tab to display the options for the space. 


Booking summary

The booking summary displays the booking details in a printer-friendly format. Click Summary (E) to open the page.


The booking summary includes the booking history and the status of any booked services. The service status is automatically updated as the vendor (facilities/reception/catering team) carries the task(s) through to completion.

Click Done to return to the booking form or Print Summary to print the summary.

Completing the booking

To secure the meeting space prior to completing the entire form, click Book & Continue. The space is booked and you can continue adding attendees, services, etc. to your booking.

Alternatively, click Book & Close to book the meeting space and close the booking form.

A pop-up message asks if you want to send email notifications to your attendees about the booking.


Start or end a meeting space booking

If you create a new booking that starts imminently, you can start the meeting immediately from the booking form. This is useful if your organization has a rule in place where meetings must be started within 15 minutes of the start time, or else they are automatically canceled. When a meeting space is selected and the mandatory fields are completed on the booking form, click Book & Continue then click Start meeting

    When the check-in period starts the Start meeting button is visible at the bottom of the booking form. Click the button to start the booking.

When the booking has been started, a red End meeting button replaces the green Start meeting button.

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