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Pair your RFID card

Pair or register your RFID card before use from the desk booking screen.

You may need to pair or register your RFID card before use and this can be done from either a Condeco desk booking screen or a Condeco meeting room screen.

Before you start

For this process, you need to know your PIN which can be found in your user profile on the Condeco web app. Learn how to view or set your PIN.

How to pair your RFID card from a Condeco desk booking screen

  1. Touch the desk booking screen and select any booking option (you do not need to save the booking at the end of the process).
  1. Tap the Authentication Required display with your RFID card.
  1. If the card is not paired the screen shows Card not paired. Tap the screen to display the keypad.
  1. Enter your PIN to pair the RFID card.
  1. The desk booking screen attempts to pair the RFID card.
  1. If pairing is successful, booking options for the personal space are displayed.