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Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 

Creating bookings as a delegate

When delegate permissions are applied in Microsoft Outlook, delegates can make bookings for others in the normal way, and find a meeting space using the Condeco Outlook add-in. The delegate creates an appointment in the owner’s calendar and uses the Condeco Outlook add-in to find a meeting space. When the same delegate permissions are also applied in Condeco, the delegate can manage services for the booking as well.

If the calendar owner has not yet subscribed to Condeco, the delegate can do so on their behalf.

Condeco recommends: Condeco recommends delegate permissions are applied by the mailbox owner from Microsoft Outlook. The Condeco Outlook add-in may not successfully authenticate if the delegate permissions were applied using AD or a Powershell command.

Good to know

  • If the calendar owner has not yet subscribed to Condeco the delegate is prompted to do so the first time they start the Condeco Outlook add-in from an appointment in the owner’s calendar. The delegate can subscribe on behalf of the calendar owner.
  • The first time a delegate opens the Condeco Outlook add-in from the mailbox owner’s calendar to make a booking, they are prompted to allow Condeco access to the calendar.
  • A delegate can set a favorite location for the calendar owner’s bookings so it is selected by default each time they create a booking for the calendar owner. This does not affect either the delegate’s own favorites or the favorites set by the calendar owner.
  • The Condeco Outlook add-in search results only list meeting spaces available to the calendar owner.
  • Meetings created by delegates in Outlook will appear on Your bookings and Today pages in Condeco for the calendar owner but not for the delegate.
  • When the booked meeting space provides services, the delegate is sent an email detailing available services and containing a direct link to request the service items from the Condeco web app. However, the delegate can only access the link and order services if they are also set as a delegate in the mailbox owner’s Condeco user profile.
  • Only delegate permissions set in Microsoft Outlook are required to create, edit and delete bookings from the owner’s calendar, but delegate permissions set in Condeco are also required to create, edit and delete bookings from Condeco.
  • In Condeco, the calendar owner is considered the Host and Requestor of the booking, regardless of who created the booking.
  • All emails for bookings created by a delegate using the Condeco Outlook add-in are sent to the delegate.
  • The delegate’s email address is stored for audit purposes.