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Getting started with the Condeco mobile app

Manage your Condeco personal space and meeting space bookings from your mobile device. The Condeco mobile app is available for iOS (iPhone) and Android devices.

What do I need?

To use Condeco on your mobile device, you need:

  • Your organization’s Condeco URL. The format is
  • The Condeco mobile app downloaded and installed on an iOS (iPhone) or Android mobile device. Learn how to download and install the Condeco mobile app
  • Depending on your organization’s configuration, either a username and password for Condeco or your email address.

How to start the Condeco mobile app

If you previously logged out or haven’t used the app in a while, follow the steps below to sign in and authenticate.

  1. Tap the Condeco icon to launch the app.
  2. Enter your organization’s Condeco URL. This is the same URL as your Condeco webpage and is in the format
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Depending on your organization’s configuration, you are prompted to either enter your username and password or enter your email address:
    • Username and password: enter your credentials and tap Continue to open Condeco.
    • Email address: Enter your email address and follow the steps to authenticate via a magic link sent to your email account. Learn more about magic link sign in

Why do I see a Microsoft login prompt? If your organization is using Microsoft Intune to manage devices, you will be prompted for your Microsoft user credentials after signing into Condeco.

Your organization may have applied additional security checks.

  1. When authenticated, if your organization is using proximity-based check-in, you may be prompted to allow Condeco access to your device location. Follow the prompts on your device to allow Condeco access to the device location all of the time.

Why does Condeco need access to my device location all of the time? If proximity-based check-in is enabled for your location, Condeco needs access to your device location even when the app is not in use. If Condeco is not allowed access to your device location or only allowed access when the app is in use, proximity-based check-in may not work and you will need to check in manually.

Your account remains signed in to the Condeco mobile app for 30 days (your organization may have set a longer or shorter period) or until you sign out. 

  1. If your default location and group are not already set in your Condeco user profile, you are prompted to set them now. Tap each field to select the default search location(s) and group(s) for personal spaces and/or meeting spaces. Tap Save when done.

    cs profile 01.png
  2. When your location preferences are set, the Today screen opens showing you where you are working today. Learn more about the Today screen

    mob today 06.png
    See your in-office status on the Today screen and when you have a workspace booked, see its location on the floor plan

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