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Report resource issues to Eptura Asset

If your organization subscribes to Eptura Asset, you can report issues with meeting spaces and personal spaces directly to Eptura Asset from Condeco.

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About reporting issues with resources to Eptura Asset

Report an issue with a Condeco meeting space or personal space resource and automatically create a work order in Eptura Asset. Issues can be reported from Condeco on the web and the Condeco mobile app. 

Users report an issue and create a work order by launching the Report Issue portal from the associated Condeco booking or from the resource details accessed via the booking grids or booking form. The user enters a description of the issue and can add attachments and a URL if useful and the work order is sent to Eptura Asset when submitted.

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Enabling issue reporting

Your organization must subscribe to Eptura Asset to enable issue reporting.

To enable issue reporting from Condeco to Eptura Asset, enter the Eptura Asset work request portal URL in Condeco Location Administration. 

  1. Get the Eptura Asset work request portal URL:
    1. Open Eptura Asset and navigate to Settings > Tools and Support > Portal.
    2. Select the appropriate portal from the Portal Name drop-down list and click the icon to copy the URL.
      report issue 03.png

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  1. Add the URL to the Condeco location:
    1. Open Condeco and navigate to Application setup > Locations
    2. Navigate to the relevant Location to open Location Administration.
    3. Paste the Eptura Asset work request portal URL into the Asset URL field.
      report issue 04.png
    4. Click Save.

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