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Customize meeting room screen displays

Display options for meeting room screens

Customize meeting room screens with custom backgrounds and logos. Choose from a number of predefined themes, or create your own. You can create as many themes as you like, enabling different themes for every room, floor, or building, and set a default theme.

Alternatively, display a specific website on a screen with URL mode. This can be useful for events or to display another booking solution.

Themes for meeting room screens

Condeco recommends:

  • Create a different screen theme (or themes) for each location and ensure that each theme is created by the Location Admin specific to the location.
  • Condeco recommends linking a maximum of 200 meeting room screens to each screen theme to maintain efficient page load times when opening a theme and saving changes.

Create themes to display on all meeting room screens in your organization or different themes for specific countries, locations, buildings, or just selected meeting room screens. There are three theme levels:

  • Global themes can be applied to any meeting room screen and can be quickly sent to all screens in your organization. A Global admin can set a global theme as the default theme for all countries and locations. Administrators of any level can view and apply global themes to the countries and locations they have access to, but only a Global admin can create or set a theme as a global theme or set the default theme.
  • Country-level themes can be applied to meeting room screens in all locations belonging to the selected country, or only to specific locations and buildings. Country-level themes can be created by Global admins and Country admins.
  • Location-level themes can be applied to meeting room screens in the selected location, or only to specific buildings. Location-level themes can be created by Global admins, Country admins, and Location admins.

Themes are grouped on the Screen Themes page according to their level (Global, Country-level, Location-level).


How to create or edit a screen theme

If you want to apply a new theme to existing meeting room screens you can edit the theme that is currently applied.

  1. Sign in to the Condeco Device Hub.
  2. Click Screen Themes from the left navigation icon bar.
    1. To edit an existing theme, click the theme to open.
    2. To create a new theme, depending on your admin level, click Add new theme at the top of the page or one of the specific Add [theme-level] theme buttons from the theme-level groups below.
  3. The Add a Theme page opens.
  1. In the Choose a theme name box on the right, enter a name for the theme.
  2. Click Select country, location & building.
    1. To create a theme to be available throughout your organization click the Country drop-down and select Global Global admins only.
    2. To create a theme for a specific country, location, and/or building, make your selections from the drop-down lists. Location admins must at least select a country and location.
  1. To set a background, click Change background image and select one of the standard backgrounds or click Browse to upload your own JPG or PNG image. Images are automatically resized to 1280 × 800px (Jan 2021 update) and should be no larger than 2MB.

A darkening filter is applied to theme background images to ensure the white text used for booking functions is clearly visible.

  1. To place your Company logo in the top right-hand corner of the meeting room screen, click Upload your company logo and click Browse to upload your JPG or PNG image. The image should be 180 × 90px or have a 2×1 ratio, and the image file should be no larger than 2MB.
  1. To set a theme as the default for any new meeting room screens it must be a Global theme. Tick Set as defaultGlobal admins only.
  2. Click Save to save the theme or Cancel to abort. If you cancel, all changes will be lost.

How to apply a theme to a meeting room screen

  1. Select Device Management from the left icon bar and ensure the appropriate calendar service is selected.
  2. Click Rooms & Screens.
  3. Click the room to open the Add/Edit Room page.
  4. In the Screen Settings section, select the desired theme from the Screen Theme drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save.

Display a website page on a meeting room screen (URL mode)

URL mode enables you to temporarily display a URL on your screens. This is useful for events or to display another booking solution.

  1. Sign in to the Condeco Device Hub.
  2. Select Device Management from the left icon bar and ensure the appropriate calendar service is selected.
  3. Click Rooms and Screens.
  4. If you have many rooms, you can filter the list by Country, City, Building, Floor
  5. Click on the room to display the URL. The Add/Edit Room form will open.
  6. Tick This screen shows a web page.
  7. Enter the URL to display e.g. “”.
  8. Click Save. The screen will reboot and show the web page