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FAQ - Condeco Advanced Analytics

Condeco Analytics Advanced

Frequently Asked Questions about Condeco Advanced Analytics 

  1. How is access to the data managed?

Condeco Analytics mirrors the data access permissions already provided to Condeco.

  1. How do I access Condeco Analytics Advanced?

The Condeco Analytics module is accessed from the Condeco web app. The dashboard can also be used via a standalone Power BI template (available by request).

Users must be a Global Admin or an admin with the relevant module selected in their user profile. Learn moreAdministrator Admin Levels

  1. What booking information is available?

Historical booking information for the previous 3 years and all future booking information are available on the dashboard. Any data purging processes that are in place are reflected.

  1. How frequently is the data refreshed?

Data is refreshed once a day. Therefore, depending on the time of the refresh, only partial data may be available for the current day.

  1. Is a direct connection to the new data store possible?

Data is available through the Power BI template initially, with a universal API to follow.

  1. What customization is possible on the dashboard canvases?

The embedded version of the dashboard canvases allows bookmarking and dynamic filtering, but no changes to visualizations or inbuilt calculations are possible. However, the offline version of the Power BI template is fully editable (available by request).

  1. Can I share data with my colleagues?

Export the data contained in each visual by clicking the top right of the specific visual and selecting your preferred export format, either to CSV, or Microsoft Excel, or copy as an image that can be pasted into another application.