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Prerequisites for Exchange Sync

  • Condeco 3.4.5 or later hosted by Condeco.
  • Microsoft Azure subscription
  • Microsoft 365 subscription
  • URL to the Token Provider application (used for setup only). Provided by Condeco. 
  • A ‘room list’ type distribution group in Active Directory. All synchronized Exchange rooms must be a member of an AD distribution group. because EWS can only communicate with rooms that are a part of the distribution group. Learn more about distribution groups
  • All Exchange Sync enabled calendars must have specific settings applied. Learn more about creating Exchange room mailboxes 
  • A Microsoft 365 Service account with impersonation rights for use with Exchange Web Services (EWS). The service account must have application impersonation rights for all room calendars mapped in Condeco. Learn more about the Microsoft 365 service account
  • A Microsoft 365 Admin account. Provides consent for the notification app to receive notifications from the subscribed calendars. The consent is authorized during setup. Learn more about the Microsoft 365 admin account
  • Access granted to the Condeco Token Provider application. Access must be granted to our token provider application using Microsoft Graph. Access is granted during setup. Learn more about providing access and getting tenant information.

Other notes

  • If your network restricts access to the internet then you may need to allow the following endpoints through your networking rules:

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