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Getting started with Condeco on the web

Full functionality for your personal space and meeting space bookings is available using the Condeco web app from your browser. No installation or setup is required.

What do I need?

To use Condeco on your desktop computer, you need:

How to start Condeco from a web browser 

  1. Open your web browser and enter your organization’s Condeco URL (the format is
  2. Depending on your organization’s configuration, enter either your username and password for Condeco or enter your email address to authenticate with SSO.

When authenticated, Condeco opens and displays the Today page.

web today 02b.png
The Condeco web app home page.

About the Condeco web application

The top menu bar (A-E) is always visible across the top of the Condeco web app. The items listed in the modules menu (F) on the left are dependent on your organization’s configuration and your user access level. Additional modules are visible to administrators. Learn more about the Administrators module menu

At-a-glance information about your day is shown on the Today page (G) and you can quickly book a personal space from the quick book tool on the right.

Learn more about the Today page

Top menu bar 

  • Suggest an idea (A): Administers can post ideas and suggestions for the Condeco workspace booking software to our User Voice (this button is only available for admin users).
  • What’s New (B): Read about new features and updates. 
  • Help (C): Opens the Condeco knowledge center (this guide) from the application.
  • Your profile (D): Click your avatar or initials to view and edit your profile and settings.
  • Log out (E): Sign out of Condeco and close the web app 

Left module menu 

The menu items listed on the left (F) are dependent on the modules your organization has configured and your user access level.

  • Today: At-a-glance information about your day is shown on the Today page (G) and you can quickly book a personal space from the quick book tool on the right.
  • Meeting spaces: Find and book available meeting spaces and manage your bookings.
  • Personal spaces: Find and book available personal spaces and manage your bookings.
  • Find a colleague: Find a colleague and view their in-office schedule.
  • Visitors Manage your visitors.

Administrators module menu

Additional modules are available for Condeco users with admin permissions. Learn more about admin access levels 

web today admin.png
The Condeco web app home page showing additional modules for administrators

  • Analytics: Explore workspace engagement and usage data using Condeco Analytics Advanced
  • Reports: View, run, and configure standard reports and create new reports.
  • User Management: View users’ profiles, and manage users and permissions.
  • Application Setup Configure locations, zones, groups, workspace types, resources, floor plans, services, vendors, visitors, and more.
  • Advanced Setup: Manage Condeco version updates, view your license, and configure global emails and settings.

What's Next?