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Install the Condeco Teams app

Condeco app for Microsoft Teams 

 If the Condeco Teams app is not centrally installed by your organization, you must first install it on your Microsoft Teams and agree to the permissions before you can use the Condeco bot. 

How to install the Condeco Teams app to Microsoft Teams

  1. From Microsoft Teams on your desktop, click the Apps icon from the left-hand menu.
  1. Search for ‘Condeco’ and select the Condeco app when it appears.
  2. Click Add to install Condeco app for Microsoft Teams.
  3. When the Condeco Teams app is installed, a new chat called ‘Condeco’ is started and a friendly greeting is displayed.
    chatbot - welcome 1.png

Great! The Condeco Teams app is installed. Now you can use the Condeco bot to book meetings, choose and share your schedule, and book workspaces. Learn how to use the Condeco app for Microsoft Teams