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Activate an Eptura Room Screen v3 for Condeco

Eptura Room Screen v3 for Condeco - Setup Guide

Before you start

Before activating a room screen, check the prerequisites have been completed on the Condeco Device Hub. Learn more: Condeco Device Hub and meeting room screens 

Before starting the setup, the screen must be connected to an active network connection with access to the internet.

Process overview

When setting up an Eptura Room Screen v3 for the first time, you are prompted to configure the language, network, time zone, and NTP server. When a successful network connection is established, the screen checks for and installs any updates. When the configuration and software update are complete, the screen can be activated.

Activate an Eptura Room Screen v3

Unless the screen is already mounted to the wall, the following is best done in front of a computer as you will be interacting with the Device Hub as well as the screen.

Power up the screen the same way it will be powered when in its final position.  The Welcome screen displays briefly before the setup process starts.
        v2.1 initial setup 01.png

  1. Language: 
    When prompted, tap the language to display on the screen then tap Next.
    v2.1 initial setup 02.png
  1. Network: 
    Select the network connection type, either Wi-Fi (a) or Ethernet (b).
    v2.1 initial setup 04.png
    1. Wi-Fi:
      Select your Wi-Fi network from the list or tap Add Wi-Fi network manually to connect to a private network.
      v2.1 network 11.png
      Add Wi-Fi network manually: Enter the name of the private Wi-Fi network and tap Find.
      v2.1 network 07.png
      If connecting to a PEAP secured network, enter the username and password, for all other Wi-Fi networks, just enter the password. 
      To enable a static IP and/or proxy, tap Enable advanced network settingsLearn more about advanced settings
      Tap Connect.
      v2.1 network 12a.png
      When connected to the Wi-Fi network, tap Next.
      v2.1 initial setup 07.png
    2. Ethernet:
      Tap Ethernet. (The Ethernet option is disabled if no active network connection is detected).
      v2.1 network 01.png
      If required, tap the options to enable a static IP and/or proxy. Learn more: Advanced settings
      Tap Connect.
      v2.1 network 02a.png
      When connected to the Ethernet network, tap Next to continue. 
  2. Time zone:
    Select your time zone from the list and when set, tap Next.
    v2.1 initial setup 08.png
  3. NTP server:
    Choose whether to use a custom NTP server or use the default NTP servers displayed on the screen.
    v2.1 initial setup 15.png
    1. Custom NTP server: Enter the FQHN (fully qualified host name) or IP address of your NTP server. Tap Connect.
      v2.1 initial setup 17.png
    2. When connected to the custom or default NTP servers tap Next.
      v2.1 initial setup 18.png
  4. When the system settings have been set, tap Activate screen.
    v2.1 initial setup 19.png
  5. The screen now retrieves the activation code for the Device Hub.
    v2.1 initial setup 20.png
  6. The screen displays a QR code and an activation code. (Scanning the QR code with the camera on your mobile device displays the activation code on the device. Additional QR code functionality is coming soon).
    v2.1 initial setup 21.png
    1. The code is valid for 5 minutes. If it expires, click Refresh code to generate a new code.
  7. Now pair the Eptura Room Screen v3 with the room resource in the Condeco Device Hub:
    1. Sign in to the Condeco Device Hub.
    2. Navigate to Rooms & Screens from the menu on the left.
    3. Find the room resource to pair with the room screen and click the light-blue Activate button on the right.
      v2.1 device hub activate 01.png
    4. Enter the activation code from the room screen and click Activate.
      v2.1 device hub activate.png
  8. The screen waits for the calendar settings and confirms when successfully activated. Tap OK.
    v2.1 initial setup 23a.png

Congratulations! Your Eptura Room Screen v3 for Condeco is now activated and is ready for use.

If not already mounted you can unplug the screen and mount it at the desired location. Learn more: Mounting the meeting room screen