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2023 September V2 Meeting Room Screen Product Release

Release v8.3.15

  • General availability: Intelligent rollout begins 29 September 2023. Devices are updated in batches.
  • Version: Firmware version: 8.3.15


Microsoft has updated the security certificates used by the Azure IoT Hub and the Device Provisioning Service. To maintain connectivity, the firmware on all Condeco v2 Meeting Room Screens must be updated to version 8.3.11 or above by December 15, 2023.

This new firmware version contains the required certificate changes by Microsoft. Updating will ensure the ongoing functioning of your meeting room screens without interruption.

We will gradually roll out the firmware update using our intelligent update system to minimize disruption. Please ensure all Condeco v2 Meeting Room Screens are updated to version 8.3.11 (or above) before December 15, 2023, to avoid connectivity issues.

These are the recommended steps:  

  1. Restart offline devices: We strongly advise restarting all offline Condeco v2 Meeting Room Screens to prepare for this essential update.  

  2. Ensure network connectivity: Verify that the screens are connected to your network for a seamless update process.  

For real-time device monitoring, use the Device Health Dashboard

Learn about checking for updates 

For more details about the new Microsoft security certificates, visit 

General maintenance

  • General maintenance to improve RFID recognition and behavior, and support for time zones.