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Create and edit Vendors

Create a vendor company and apply services, and then create the vendor contacts to receive the tasks created by the service (vendor workflow).

How to create or edit a vendor

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Vendors.
  2. Select the Country to display a list of existing vendors for the location.
  3. Click Edit to edit an existing vendor or click Add vendor to create a new vendor.
  1. Enter or edit the vendor’s Company name and contact details. Note that the email address used here IS NOT used in the Vendor workflow.

Cleaning vendors: If your cleaning vendors are not managing tasks on the Vendor Dashboard and you wish personal spaces to move to a Clean state automatically, tick Automatically mark cleaning completed at the end of the period. Learn more about workflow options.

  1. Tick the services that the vendor will provide at the listed location(s) and click SaveService types are described in the table below.
Service Description
Meeting spaces Changing the layout/seating style of meeting spaces.
Equipment Provision of equipment for meeting spaces such as training laptops, flip charts, and whiteboards.
Catering Provision of food and drink services for meeting spaces.
AV Services Audio/visual services.
Supplies Provision of general supplies for meeting spaces such as stationery requirements.
Personal spaces Cleaning services for personal spaces.
  1. Now follow the steps below to create a vendor contact.

Learn more about application setup 

How to create a vendor contact

When you have created a vendor, you must create at least one vendor contact. The vendor contact receives the tasks from the vendor workflow and accesses a dashboard to view assigned tasks.

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Vendors.
  2. Select the Country to display a list of existing vendors for the location.
  3. Click the Vendor / Company Name from the list on the Vendor Admin page (NOT the edit button to the right).
  4. Click Add vendor contact.
  5. Complete the contact details as required.
    1. Username: Used to sign in to the Vendor Dashboard.
    2. Email: Enter the email address for the inbox that will receive the task notifications.
  6. Tick Notify by email if required and for personal space cleaning vendors leave only send emails within # mins of the booking start time blank.
  7. Tick Vendor Administration to enable the vendor contact to update their tasks on the Vendor Dashboard and assign tasks to other vendor contacts. If unticked the Vendor Dashboard is read-only for the vendor contact.
  8. Move the Services / Locations the vendor contact will manage to the right-hand box. Only the services and locations that are selected for the Vendor company are listed.
  9. Click Save. An email is sent to the vendor contact with a link to activate the account and set a password.

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