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Connection and synchronization help

Connectivity issues with meeting room screens

If a Condeco meeting room screen is experiencing connectivity issues, we recommend checking the following.

Checklist – meeting room screen connectivity issues

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi signal strength

Wi-Fi signal strength is measured in dBm and is referred to as ‘RSSI’. To operate successfully, the RSSI to a device must be at least -60dBm for both desk booking screens and meeting room screens.

dBm is a negative number so -59 is better than -60.

We recommend working with your IT team who can monitor the connectivity of devices through network management tools.

The RSSI signal strength of a v3 Desk Booking Screens is displayed on the Network Details screen.  The signal strength is also indicated by the color of the Wi-Fi icon displayed on the top right hand side of the device. 

Using POE (Power over Ethernet) with Wi-Fi

We do not recommend using Wi-Fi when POE has an active network connection. Either disconnect Wi-Fi or disable LAN on the device.

LAN can be disabled for v2 meeting room screens and above.

Unable to open settings page on meeting room screen

The settings page fails to open on a meeting room screen, or the screen is stuck on the spinner.

Why did this happen?

  • Connection to * to retrieve the settings is unavailable or slow.
  • IoT connection to is unavailable or slow.

What to check

  1. Check the screen settings in the Device Hub.
  2. Check the meeting room screen is updated to the latest software version. 
  3. Restart the meeting room screen.

If there are any issues downloading the latest updates to the screen, the Condeco Screen Flash Utility can be used to update the screen manually to the latest version. Learn more about the Condeco Flash Utilty

ErrMsg: ‘Failed to connect to service’

A meeting room screen cannot connect to the calendar, fails to update settings, or synchronize the time correctly.

When setting up a meeting room screen or during normal operation, a ‘Failed to connect to Service’ warning message is displayed, or similar. The meeting room screen may also fail to load the calendar bar, get stuck on a spinner, or appear to lose time.

What to check

  1. Ensure the screens are allowed access to the domains noted in the domain allowlist. If any of the endpoints fail, your network administration team must make them accessible through the firewall.
  2. Check the date and time are correctly set on the meeting room screen. Refer to Time Issues.
    If they’re not, set the correct date and time. If they appear correct, ensure that the Time Synchronization ports are allowed through the firewall.

ErrMsg: ‘Unable to get a list of regions. Please contact the administrator’

A meeting room screen displays the message Unable to get a list of regions. Please contact the administrator.

Applies to

Meeting Room Screens and Desk Booking Screens

Why did this happen?

Network connection issues may prevent regions from being accessed.

What to check

Check the screens are allowed access to the domains noted in the domain allowlist.

If you’re still experiencing a problem, try changing the network connection. To connect the screen to a different network, first connect it to an unrestricted/open network (for example, a mobile hotspot) and then change the Wi-Fi or LAN connection.