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Enable QR codes for check-in

Global settings are applied throughout your entire organization. 

Enable or disable QR code check-in

To enable your users to check in using a QR code, the setting must be globally enabled for your configuration. Once enabled, you can enable QR code check-in for resources. 

Follow the steps below to enable or disable QR code check-in for your organization.

  1. Navigate to Advanced setup > Global setup.
  2. Select the Application tab and scroll down to the two options for QR code check-in. 
    1. Tick QR code check-in to enable. By default, when QR codes are enabled for check-in, all other forms of check-in are disabled.
    2. To allow users to check in from Condeco on the web when QR codes are enabled, tick Allow check-in on web when QR enabled.
      qr global feb 24.png
  3. Click Save after making any changes.

A QR code field is now displayed on the Resource Administration pages for your personal space and meeting space resources, and an option to enable QR codes in bulk is added to the resource list (if resources in a location are selected). Learn more: QR codes