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Workspace types

Assign a workspace type to each of your meeting space and personal space resources to offer your users flexibility to choose precisely the type of space they wish to work in, or need to book when visiting the workplace.

Workspace type is any kind of space that can be booked. For example, a desk, a meeting room, a parking space, or even a locker.

Create workspace types for Meeting spaces for multiple occupancy spaces and when you want to offer booking timeslots of 5 minutes (or more).

Create workspace types for Personal spaces for single occupancy spaces booked in half-day or full-day slots only.

Default workspace types

One workspace type each for meeting spaces and personal spaces is provided by default and any resources not already assigned to a workspace type are automatically set as the default for the space type. The default workspace types cannot be deleted but can be renamed and edited.

  • The default workspace type for Meeting spaces is Meeting Room.
  • The default workspace type for Personal spaces is Desk.

Resources can be set to a specific workspace type in bulk. Learn more about bulk actions for resources


Attributes are assigned to workspace types so they can be selected when creating meeting space or personal space resources. Learn more about attributes