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In-office schedule and visibility settings

View and change your in-office schedule and visibility settings, and view your team assignment, from the In-office schedule tab

web prof 01a.png
Open your user profile from the top menu bar in the Condeco web app

Click your initials from the top menu in the Condeco web app to view and edit your personal details and your space preferences. Some options depend on your organization’s setup.

About the In-office schedule profile page 

Your in-office schedule is displayed in a month-view calendar. Icons on each date indicate if you are working remotely (either by choice or mandated), from the workplace, or are not working.

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Icons indicate your in-office status

The last three months of your schedule are visible and you can set your schedule up to two months in advance.

From your in-office schedule, you can:

  • Show or hide your visibility from your colleagues
  • Set your in-office schedule
  • View your team assignment (if set)

Read on to learn more.

Show or hide your visibility

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View and edit your in-office schedule settings from your user profile.

Choose to show or hide your in-office status and the locations of your booked workspaces from your colleagues on the In-office schedule tab. Enable or disable Allow colleagues to see my status and personal workspace locations to show or hide your visibility. Click Save to save your preference.

When visibility is enabled, colleagues can see your in-office status from the Find a colleague option on the web app or Your team on the Condeco mobile app. If your organization has integrated Condeco with Microsoft 365, your in-office status is also visible from the Condeco Teams app.

Set your in-office schedule

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Choose your in-office schedule from your user profile.

From the In-office schedule tab, click individual dates on the calendar to change where you are working on that day. The options are: I’m not working; I’m working remotely; I’m at [your default location]; or select I’m at a different location and choose a location from the list.

You can also change your in-office status for the current day from the Today page.

Note that booking a personal workspace (such as a desk) or a meeting space automatically changes your status to ‘in the office’ for the date of the booking, however, canceling the booking does not automatically change your status, which will continue to show as ‘in the office’ until you choose a different status.

Team assignments

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View your Team assignment on the In-office schedule tab of your profile

If your organization has assigned you to a team, you can only choose to be in the office on a date that falls on an odd week or an even week number, depending on your team assignment.

The team you belong to is displayed at the top of the In-office schedule tab of your user profile, and the weeks you are assigned to work remotely are indicated by a lighter color on the calendar (A). Tap a date to change where you are working, however, on the weeks you are assigned to work remotely, you can only change your status to I’m not working.

The ISO week date system is used to define week numbers.