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2023 November Condeco Mobile App - iOS Product Release

Condeco mobile app for iOS
  • General availability: November 8, 2023


  • Team day: We've added a friendly message to alert an organizer when they reserve fewer workspaces than the number of invitees to a team day.
  • Internet disconnection warning: We've improved the notification that appears when the Condeco mobile app is open and you disconnect from the internet.

Team day alert – do you have enough space reserved?

Organizers of team days are now alerted if they have selected fewer workspaces than the number of attendees they have invited to a team day event.

do you have enough space.png

Learn more: Invite to a team day

Internet disconnection alert

A single banner warning alerts a user when their mobile device no longer has an active internet connection and they are interacting with the Condeco mobile app. The banner appears when the following actions are being performed: Check-in; check-out; booking a meeting space; self-certifying; accepting or declining a team day invite; saving user profile; creating a personal space booking; booking on behalf of a colleague; creating a team day invite; change of status.

offline warning 2.png