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CustomRoomAttributes sheet

The CustomRoomAttributes sheet is optional and only relevant to Condeco meeting space booking solutions.  Create up to 10 custom attributes.

The purpose of the CustomRoomAttributes sheet is to create up to 10 custom attributes provided with your meeting spaces.

Good to know

  • Attributes are facilities provided in meeting spaces, such as flip charts and whiteboards, etc.
  • The following attributes are built-in to Condeco so you do not need to add them to your custom list:

Learn more about attributes

Watch the CustomRoomAttributes sheet video to learn how to enter your data, then follow the steps below.

Enter your data

CustomAttributes sheet

Complete the CustomRoomAttributes sheet as described in the following table:

Column color
Column name
clipboard_e130b4d2fc524a307ce4da137537f04c3.png A CustomAttributesName Enter data Enter a name for the custom attribute.

ImportantIf the name of a custom attribute is modified here after it has been selected from drop-down lists on other sheets, the new CustomAttributesName must be selected from the drop-down lists on the following sheet again.
clipboard_e0bf107b842dadad38c7be2c8b15e7969.png B DatabaseAttributeName Do not edit Propagates automatically when text is entered in Col A.

Condeco does not recommend editing CustomAttributeNames (Col A) once the CustomRoomAttributes sheet has been started. The upload will fail if the CustomAttributesNames are edited and the new name is not reselected on the following sheet.