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Book a personal space for a colleague using the mobile app

 Condeco mobile app 

Your organization must enable the option to book for someone else. Learn more: Global settings for personal spaces

How to book a personal space for a colleague

mob ps book for 1a.png
Book a personal space for a colleague

No book for a colleague option? The option to book for a colleague is hidden if the booking group is set to 'Prevent Specific Space Requests'. Learn more (admins)Group adminstration 

  1. To make a booking for a colleague from the Condeco mobile app, tap Book at the bottom of the screen.
  2. The 'book a personal space' section is initially set to booking for yourself. Tap Yourself to display the options and select booking for A colleague
  3. Enter your colleague’s name and tap to select from the search results (or select from the Recent searches list).
  4. The 'book a personal space' section now displays the name of your colleague.
    mob ps book for 05.png
  5. Select a workspace type and attributes if required.
  6. Tap Continue to display the calendar.
  7. Tap the date(s) you wish to book (tap again to deselect). If your organization has configured monthly allowances, your colleague’s remaining allowance is displayed at the top of the screen. Tap Search.
  8. Search results are displayed on a floor plan. Tap a personal space from the search results on either the floor plan or list then tap Book now.

Condeco App Booking for a Colleague 4.2.gif
    Book a personal space for a colleague using the mobile app