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Condeco Kiosk



The Condeco Kiosk is a walk-up touch screen usually located in your front-of-house/reception area and/or on each floor of your workplace. From the Kiosk you can:

  • Book a personal space for the same day.
  • Check-in to a booked personal space.
  • Release a booked personal space.
  • Find a colleague.
  • Manage your bookings.

Good to know

  • You must be registered to use the Condeco web application to use the Kiosk.
  • Depending on your organization’s configuration, you can book personal spaces for half or whole days.
  • Personal spaces on the floor plan indicate their availability.
  • Only personal spaces configured as the workspace type desk are visible on the Kiosk, no other workspace types are currently supported.
  • Self-certification on the Kiosk is not supported.
  • Booking allowances are honored by the Kiosk but the number of available slots is not displayed.

How to use the Condeco Desk Booking Kiosk

Learn how to use the Condeco desk booking kiosk in the Kiosk user guide