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Check in to a booking

Eptura Room Screen v3 for Condeco - User Guide

When you arrive for your meeting, you must check in to start the booking.

If you do not start the booking within the check-in period, the booking is bumped and the space becomes available for others to book.

Depending on your organization’s configuration, check in by tapping the check-in button on the room screen, or, if contactless check-in is enabled, simply swipe your RFID card.

Check-in button
  1. Tap Check in to start the booking.
    5.1 Check in.png
  2. Now enter your PIN. Alternatively, if you have a registered RFID card you can swipe it now to complete the check-in.
    enter pin for check in.png
Contactless check-in
  1. If contactless check-in is enabled, swipe your RFID card to immediately check in. Alternatively, tap Check in with PIN and enter your PIN to start the booking.  
    5.3 Contactless check in.png