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Moving appointments

Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365 

Self-healing when moving appointments in the Outlook calendar

When an existing appointment is moved to a new time slot in an Outlook calendar, Condeco attempts to keep the originally booked meeting space, however, if the currently booked meeting space is unavailable at the new time, the Microsoft 365 integration’s self-healing feature automatically searches for an alternative meeting space based on the original searched location and floor, workspace type, attributes, and the number of attendees, but will only search in the same self-managed group as the originally booked meeting space. 

Good to know

  • Workspace type: A meeting space of a different workspace type is selected if no meeting spaces of the same workspace type as the original search are available.
  • Managed groups: If the chosen meeting space belongs to a managed group, a self-managed group is searched instead, allowing the alternative space to be booked immediately and without further approval.

When a suitable meeting space is found, the Outlook appointment is automatically updated with the new information and all attendees are automatically informed of the change.

If there is no space available, the user is notified.

The self-healing feature is only available with the Condeco Outlook add-in for Microsoft 365.

Good to know

  • Paired video equipment: If the original search specified a video room attribute (e.g. Teams room), the self-healing search looks for another meeting space providing the video service. If a suitable meeting space is found, the mailbox for the original paired video equipment is removed from the appointment and replaced with the mailbox of the video equipment paired with the alternate meeting space.
  • Attributes: The self-healing search only looks for meeting spaces providing the attributes specified in the original search. The originally booked meeting space may offer attributes that were not specified (such as video room services), but if these were not specified in the original search, the self-healing search will not include them in the new search.
  • Managed groups: Meeting spaces belonging to managed groups are not assigned by the self-healing feature. Only meeting spaces belonging to self-managed groups are assigned.
  • Groups: Whilst the original search may have looked for meeting spaces across multiple groups, the self-healing search only looks for meeting spaces in the same group as the originally booked meeting space. However, if the original meeting space belonged to a managed group, the self-healing feature does not search the managed group and instead, finds an alternative meeting space in a self-managed group, allowing it to be booked without approval.

See Condeco in action

Self-healing bookings

Required: Condeco meeting space booking module, the Condeco Microsoft 365 integration, and the Condeco Outlook add-in

In this video, our Condeco user creates two appointments on different dates but in the same meeting space and at the same time. One of the bookings requires a Zoom-enabled room. The appointment that required a Zoom-enabled meeting space is moved to the same date and time as the other appointment. Watch how Condeco automatically finds and books an alternative Zoom-enabled meeting space for the booking that was moved.