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Set up a calendar service for Exchange or Google rooms

Set up a Microsoft Exchange or Google calendar service for your meeting room screens to connect to. This is the service that holds the meeting information for your rooms. When setting up a calendar service, you are providing the information necessary for each screen to communicate with the service.

Condeco recommendsCondeco recommends a maximum of 200 meeting room screens are managed by each calendar service to maintain efficient page load times when opening the calendar service and saving changes.

About calendar services

Condeco meeting room screens can connect to either Condeco calendar services, Microsoft Exchange, or Google G Suite calendar services.

Condeco Cloud

The Condeco Cloud Connector is set up by Condeco.

Connecting to Microsoft Exchange calendar services

Active Room Mailboxes must be configured on your Exchange Server and Condeco must be able to connect to your Exchange Calendar Service using a valid Exchange Web Service URL.

In addition, the Exchange service account must have delegate access to all room calendars that use the calendar service.

We recommend reviewing Validations for MS Exchange installations

Connecting to Google Calendar services

The Google G Suite service account must have Gmail API and Calendar API enabled and Domain-wide Delegation. It will need access to the following API scopes; Calendar (Read-Write), All calendars need the same owner.


A Location is required for Exchange and Google environments only. Learn how to set up a location

User domain access

User domain access is required for Exchange and Google environments only. Define who can register on the screens. Learn more about user domain access