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Screen updates - FAQ

When do screens receive updates?

In normal conditions, the update is downloaded to devices and installed silently during out-of-hours periods. Depending on many factors, it can take several days to update all the devices in an organization.

Can screens be updated manually?

Desk booking screens on version 8.1.38 or above and meeting room screens on or above, can be manually updated directly from the screen. Alternatively, screens can be updated with the Condeco Flash Utility. More information in these guides:

We do not recommend checking for updates by rebooting devices. In order for devices to power up as quickly as possible, a very short timeout has been applied which may cause updates on reboot to fail, depending on network conditions.

The software version is out-of-date but the screen is not updating

  • If a device is a few versions behind, it can take a few days for all the updates to complete silently (out of business hours).
  • If silent updates appear to have stopped, try updating manually as described above.
  • For devices not yet on the required version for the manual update tool, update using the Condeco Flash Utility.