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Workspace Utilization Trends

Condeco Analytics Advanced

The Utilization Trends canvas shows the overall trends of resource usage per weekday and how utilization varies week by week over a specific year.

da canvas 02 apr-24.png

Use the filters at the top to show the visualizations and data by location, group, type of resource and/or workspace type, and by time frame. Learn more: Dashboard filters

Utilization over time

The two charts at the top show utilization per weekday and the two charts below show utilization per week. Use the Peak, Least, and Average buttons (A) at the top to show or hide those metrics in the charts.

  • Utilization per weekday (B / C): A line graph (B) and a bar chart (C) show the trends of overall resource usage per weekday as an average* for the selected time frame. 

*For example, if a 6-month time frame is selected, the 'Monday' value in the X axis reflects the average usage across all Mondays in the defined 6-month period. 

  • Utilization per week (D / E): A line graph and bar chart show the utilization per week for the most recent year the data applies to (as per the time frame). The week numbers are based on the standard ISO week-date system and the charts only include data for a single year. 

Bar charts: Some metrics may not be visible on the bar charts depending on the scale. Open the chart in Focus view to view all data on the bar chart.