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Other SSO integrations

SSO and Condeco 

Condeco's SSO SAML federation details to set up your connection are below:

UAT/Trial Value
Single Sign-On URL
Production Value
Single Sign-On URL
Audience URI (SP Entity ID) PING-CONDECO

Your app URL is [YOURCOMPANYNAME] (unless a different URL was requested).

When set up, send the Metadata XML to Condeco:

  • Existing customers: Create a support ticket in the customer support portal and either attach the XML file in a secure zip file or request another secure way to send the data – via secured email or shared drive, for example.
  • New Condeco installations: Your Condeco project manager or technical consultant will advise how to send the XML file securely.

What is metadata? Metadata is an XML document containing information necessary for interaction with identity or service providers (e.g. URLs of endpoints, information about supported bindings, identifiers, public keys, etc.).