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Eptura Knowledge Center

Your visitors

Select a date range to view a list of your past and future visitors. You can also add visitors from Your visitors page.


External guests with personal space bookings are not listed on the Visitors home page. Personal space bookings made for visitors can only be viewed by administrators on the Visitor Dashboard. Learn more about the Visitor Dashboard

View visitors

  1. Click the calendars to select the date range to search. The date range must not exceed 3 months.
  2. Click Find Visitor. All your visitors who attended the workplace during the specified date range are displayed below.

New visitor

Tap New visitor to open the Visitor Details page. Learn more about the visitor details page.


Good to know

  • Click the column headers in the visitor list table to sort in ascending/descending order.
  • Click a visitor’s name in the visitor list table to enter more details.
  • Click the bin icon if the visitor is no longer expected (this action will automatically notify the front-of-house team). Only visitors who have not yet arrived can be deleted.
  • Add regular visitors to Contacts so they can be quickly added to booking forms for meeting spaces.
  • Visitors with personal space bookings are not listed here.