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Condeco Outlook Com+ plug-in

Condeco can integrate with Outlook using an Outlook plug-in that does not require any integration with Microsoft Exchange and connects to Condeco via HTTPS. The Condeco Outlook Com+ plug-in is based on add-in Express technology.

The Condeco Outlook Com+ plug-in allows you to search for and book Condeco meeting spaces directly from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Bookings for meeting spaces are linked to the Outlook event.
  • Attendees are automatically applied to the Condeco meeting space booking.
  • Additional services such as catering can be added to the booking.
  • Create a conference by adding more meeting spaces.
  • Move an Outlook event to a different date/time and the Condeco booking will attempt to mirror the change.

Watch a short video to learn more about the Condeco Outlook Com+ plug-in.