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Booking page for personal spaces

When you have specific requirements or you are booking a personal space for someone else, find and book a personal space from the booking form on the web app (described below) or use the Condeco mobile app. Learn more: Condeco mobile app

The Personal spaces module is not visible on the web app or mobile app if you do not have access to any personal space booking groups.

How to book a personal space from the booking page

Follow the steps to book a personal space from the 'Book a personal space' page on the web app and review the Good to know section below to learn more about the options.

web ps quick 02 apr 2024.png
Book from the personal spaces booking form on the web app

  1. Navigate to Personal spaces from the left-hand menu and click Book a personal space to open the booking form. The page shows your default location and group settings.
    • Optional: Select an alternative Location, Floor, and Group. Hold CTRL (Windows) or CMD (Mac) to select multiple Floors.  Note: Floor plans are not displayed if multiple floors are selected.
    • Optional: Choose a specific Workspace type. Learn more: Workspace types
  2. Click the date(s) on the calendar to select the slots to book (click again to deselect).
  3. Booking for someone else? If you are not booking the space for yourself, tick the option under the calendar and follow the steps in Book a personal space for someone else.
  4. Attributes: If you need particular equipment included with your space, click Attributes at the bottom of the form to reveal available options and select your preferences. Learn moreAttributes.
  5. Depending on the group settings, one or both of the following buttons are available: Search and/or Quick book:
    1. Search: Available workspaces are shown on a floor plan. Hover over a workspace to see more information and click Book. Learn more: View search results on the floor plan
      Optional: From the floor plan, click the List tab to view the available spaces in a list instead. A star indicates workspaces that provide your selected attributes.
    2. Quick book: Instantly book a suitable workspace based on your search criteria. If no space meets your requirements, you will be prompted to amend your search criteria. 

Booking a space for today? If booking a personal space for the current day in a location that requires self-certification, you must agree to the self-certification statement before your booking is confirmed. Learn moreSelf-certification when visiting the workplace

ug004-web-ps-search-form_v1.gif (800×365)
Book a personal space from the booking form on the web app

Good to know

About the booking page
  • Restricted groups:
    • If your organization has applied ‘Restricted’ groups, you may not be able to change your location and group. Learn more (admins)Restricted and Open groups
  • Quick book
    • Some booking groups might display a 'Quick book' button next to the usual 'Search' option. This allows you to quickly book a suitable space without searching.
    • Some booking groups might prevent you from searching for a workspace and only allow personal spaces to be automatically assigned. In this case, only the 'Quick book' button is shown. In addition, the 'Book for someone else' option is not available.
  • Booking allowances:
    • If your organization has limited the number of days you can work in the workplace per week or month, your remaining booking allowance is shown and adjusted as dates are selected or deselected. Learn moreBooking allowances
  • Attributes: Available attributes depend on your organization’s configuration. Learn moreAttributes.
View search results on the floor plan
  • The positions of personal spaces are displayed on the floor plan and color-coded icons indicate availability. A star in a green circle indicates available spaces providing your selected attributes.

    key - ps search may 24.png
    Symbols on the floor plan indicate availability
  • Hover over personal spaces to display more details, such as the attributes available with the space.
  • To view the results in a list, click the List tab. Spaces providing your selected attributes are listed first and marked with a green star.

Learn more: Floor plan

See Condeco in action - Book a personal space with dual monitors on multiple dates

Required: Condeco personal space booking module

Watch our Condeco user find a personal space with dual monitors available to book on multiple dates, using the web app.