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Resources are individual bookable spaces such as a desk, a meeting room, a locker, a training room, etc.

Good to know

  • A resource is a bookable personal space or meeting space.
  • A resource is assigned to a location.
  • A resource must be assigned to a group to manage booking rules and permissions.
  • A resource can be set as a workspace type, and attributes belonging to the workspace type can be selected for the resource.
  • Create meeting space resources for multiple-occupancy spaces and when you want to offer booking time slots of 5 minutes (or more).
  • Create personal space resources for single-occupancy spaces booked in half-day or whole-day slots only (depending on your organization's configuration).

The minimum booking increment for personal spaces is half a day, so for single-use workspace types that need shorter booking increments, such as phone booths, consider configuring as a workspace type for meeting spaces instead.

Before you start

Before creating a resource, you must have the location and group already configured. It is also recommended to create attributes and workspace types before creating resources so they can be applied when creating the resource.

Who can create and manage resources

You must be either a Global admin or an admin with Resource Management access to manage resources. Learn more about access levels