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Find bookings for meeting spaces

Use Find Bookings to find a specific booking or bookings, regardless of booking status or type.

When finding bookings, you must search for either a valid Booking ID or specify at least one of the following search criteria: VC ID; Meeting title; Host name; Requestor name, or Attendee name.

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Booking ID

To quickly find a specific booking, enter the Booking ID and click Find Bookings.

The booking ID is displayed on the Booking Summary form – from the booking form click Summary to view the booking summary and booking ID.

Using the search fields

  1. Select whether to search for Workspace name or Service Delivery bookings.
  2. Enter at least the first three characters of an item to search, in any of the search fields. Optionally filter the results by location or group.
  3. Select a date range to search, not exceeding three months. The form defaults to searching the current day only.
  4. Optionally adjust the number of results per page. The default is 10.
  5. Tick Include canceled requests and deleted bookings to include rejected, deleted, and canceled bookings in the search results.
  6. Click Find Bookings

If you want to change the search criteria, for the best results we recommend clearing all the fields first by clicking Start over (clear all fields).

Search results

The search results are displayed at the bottom of the window. Click the column headings to change the sort order.

Columns Description
ID The Booking ID.
Meeting title Click the meeting title (blue text) to open the booking form. From the booking form click Summary to view all activity for the booking in the booking history.
Meeting space Click the meeting space (blue text) to view more details, including seating style, food and equipment, services, etc.
Location The location of the meeting space.
Host The meeting host.
Meeting Start The meeting start time. By default results are listed in the start time order.
Meeting End The meeting end time.
Workspace type The workspace type.
Buttons Description
Grid Click to view and manage the booking from the booking grid.
Delete Click to delete the booking.