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Configure a group for meeting spaces


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Configure a group for meeting spaces

Group types for meeting spaces

There are three group types for meeting spaces. The group type is configured in Edit Name/Deployment after a group has been created and saved.

Group Type Description
Managed group Meeting spaces requiring approval on booking. The user requests a specific meeting space and the administrator must approve or reject the request.
Blind managed group Specific meeting spaces cannot be selected by users. The user selects requirements for a meeting on the booking form and submits a request. The administrator allocates the meeting space.
Self-managed group Meeting spaces bookable on a first-come-first-served basis. No approval required.

How to configure a group to manage meeting spaces

If you haven't already created a group, learn how.

  1. Navigate to Application Setup > Groups.
  2. Click Specify a country and select the country which holds the group (already selected if you only have one).
  3. Click Specify a Group and select the group to manage the meeting spaces.
  4. Click Select a resource type and select Meeting spaces.
  5. Choose an option from the Select an action menu:
  • Edit Name/Deployment
  • Colour Codes
  • Application Setup
  • Email Templates
  • Grid Display

Next step

Remember to add your new group to a location! Learn how

When your meeting space groups are configured you can create attributes, workspace types, and create meeting space resources.


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